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I am not ready to call this a real coming out. Time will tell. These days, kids as young as 9 are already being taught about attraction in school. My personal opinion is to let her figure herself out. Many issues with older role models these days, is that they will accept that a child has a crush of the opposite gender. So just treat it like you would if she liked a boy.

Yours Faithfully, Tiger. Hi Bill!


Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your story with us. This most-honest post has stopped me in my tracks.

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You are handling your family like a champion. So, it is our responsibility to seek knowledge. Knowing how to act without know how to so it is my predicament as well.


Any guidance here? Hey everyone, I realize that this thread is some what old. However, I have to ask for assistance in this issue. When asked if he knew what attraction was, he basically explained that its when you think someone is pretty or ugly, which makes sense given the age.

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Then he also told me that he would no longer kiss girls he would be with guys given the choice and that knows in his heart that this is right. I may make him an appointment just so he feels he has an open environment to talk to, because i know that gay adolescents have a very high suicidal rate. If your son believes in his heart that this is how he feels and is supposed to feel, then you have to let him be himself. Let him experiment. Give him a little space to figure it out, but remember to check up on him too.

I would advise against therapy, only because talking to a stranger about something like this is not always the best way to approach the situation and could confuse him. He likes boys and not girls. However, I have been having extreme anxiety about it. We live in an age where shaming others is okay. He was bullied so badly he killed himself. About me — my family owned a very popular drapery shop in Atlanta. One decorator I remember from being a small child had a male partner. My family accepted this without question.

I spent time around him and his partner and never thought of it. People are so cruel. I know how you feel. When he told me I had to do major damage control. God loves everyone. We need each others support. Your email address will not be published. He has grown up in a household where sexuality is openly discussed and his aunt is gay.

Helping Families Understand Their LGBTQ Kids

Is this too young to understand? Please help. First off, I want to congratulate you and your husband for creating a gay-positive environment in your home. When every parent can say their child is growing up in a home where sexuality is openly discussed, we will have moved that much closer to a society that fully accepts and respects the spectrum that exists in how we love and who we love. As a society we tend to assume that all kids are straight, but that is just not true. In addition to teaching your son about sexuality and the variety that exists in romantic attractions, I applaud you for giving him the language to express his sensibility of love and affection.

His simple explanation of wanting to marry a boy when he grows up reflects an understanding of what the possibilities are for love, and how natural it is to be gay. And that, too, would be perfectly natural! Experts say kids usually develop their first childhood crush at age 5 or 6. Kindergarten teachers will tell you that playground weddings at recess are not uncommon, and I can even remember my son fashioning a wedding dress out of toilet paper even before he was 3.

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