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They may write something beautiful for you. They have really strong senses of smell, so hopefully they like your aftershave or cologne. Just a thought you may thank me one day. So is a Gemini Sun Sign person someone you want to get to know better? They adapt to change very well. That can be fun, but when life is hard it can be a valuable trait in a person. They have a lot of creative energy and know how to turn that into opportunities. They are clever, original, and friendly to everyone and are very expressive mostly verbally.

Dating a Gemini Man: Yoga of the Heart

But in a relationship they are capable of showing you they care in a physical way. Gemini rules the hands, so they have a good sense of touch. Just give him a little space and things can be fine. Whatever happened to Justin and Anthony? Think about the elements in Astrology, fire, air, water and earth. Justin was Gemini and Anthony was Leo.

Fire needs air to burn. So I think they moved onto the next step when they were ready. Using elements is a quick rule of thumb when you think of compatibility in Astrology. Water and air Gemini, Libra, Aquarius causes hurricanes. Fire can scorch Earth. And you almost always get along well with the Astrology sign on either side of you. So a Gemini would get along well with Taurus, the sign before it, or Cancer, the sign after it.

So there you have it — the complete rundown on Gemini men. If you are lucky enough to grab one, you will have something special! Pisces Male Celebrities Pisces male celebrities are hard to miss because they are usually physically striking. Guys who fall under this sign also happen to be warm and very charming. If you are a male […].

Gemini and Virgo Compatibility

Gay Men and Moon Cycles As a gay man, have you ever noticed that your libido seems to rise and fall according to the moon? Dating a Cancer Man By: Jean Bakula Looking for information about dating a Cancer man? Do you […]. Gay Pop Buzz Copyright G Digital. All Rights Reserved. Sign up for our newsletter. News Ticker. May 21 — June 20 By: Jean Bakula Has a Gemini man caught your eye?

Your Completely Queer Guide To Horoscope Hookups

Posted by Mark Schmitz. Available on Facebook , MySpace and even outside of social networking sites. The service is free. All zodiac signs are available through the site as well. Available at:. They are forever exploring people and places in their quest to obtain knowledge. Bright, witty and outgoing, the Gemini charm guarantees they will be the center of attention in any crowd. Matching their intellect is a well-developed imagination.

The duality of the Gemini personality can make it difficult to know just whom you are dealing with. They sometimes seem fickle, flighty and susceptible to whim. The other side of their dual personalities is they have an innate ability to multi-task, which is good since their interests are many and varied. The Gemini Intellect is the key to their being, and provides the foundation for their skills in the art of communicating.

The Gemini Man: Love, Sex, Friendship, Style

However, their clear thinking and creativity allow them to give positively to any project. Overall, their light spirit and interest in almost everything make them wonderful company. The Geminian is best involved with a steadier, stronger personality who will tolerate and enjoy their butterfly socializing, yet still be there for them when the cards have all blown down.

They are willing to experiment with all ways of relationship styles; and as long as their partner is articulate, tolerant, exciting, adventurous and willing to discuss their exploits in detail, they will be ecstatic. Because Gemini is not above straying, they are rather divorce prone. However, typically they think the joys of an occasional adventure more than make up for the risks involved.

They assume they will be able to easily smooth over troubled waters with their silver tongue—they are tolerant of the peccadilloes of their partners, so long as they are not stolid or boring. Famous Gemini Include: Lucky Numbers: Check out my blogs about the personality traits and compatibility of Gemini with other signs on NetworkedBlogs on Facebook.

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Jul I am a Gemini. For quite a long time, I hesitated to tell anyone my sign of the Zodiac. I had grown to feel ashamed of my astrological star sign. To know what it is these shallow individuals fear, I began a collection of sorts over the course of many years, which consists of an eclectic blend of varying degrees of opinions profiling that mysterious and dangerous Gemini!

The Gemini It is said that a Gemini will take either side of an argument, not because they feel strongly about their position, but simply for the fun of it.

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A Gemini is adaptable and flexible, and has an insatiable craving for a variety of distractions to gratify their quick, changeable minds. Self-expressive, to the world the Gemini is cheerful and optimistic, but those within the inner circle of the Gemini know that there is also an opposing moody side to the personality. Independent, a Gemini will not be held down by anyone or any rules of society.

A Gemini craves the experiences one can gain through exploration of the world around us. Service Center. Psychic Readings. Tarot Readings. Angel Card Reading Cartomancy. Fortune Telling.

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