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Is a consultant. He thinks he was raised…Deconstructionist? Or something? Orders bacon on your first date to make a point. Feels strongly that male circumcision is child abuse. Lives in Murray Hill. Works in finance. Owns 42 white Hanes V-necks.

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Good with dogs and babies. Actually a pretty nice guy. The Enthusiastic Reform One: Tries to drape his sweatshirt around your shoulders the moment the temp dips below sixty degrees. His team usually comes second at bar trivia. Actually likes girls who are very skilled at putting on makeup.

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Claims to be a socialist. Lives and dies Man United. Has a lot of opinions about pedagogy. Had an absolutely life-altering experience at Limmud Kind of seems like an alcoholic.

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The Israeli Grad Student: Tiny gold stud in his nose the size of a freckle. Studies philosophy. Every shirt he wears is cut to expose his clavicle. Always tries to sleep with women on the first date. Reposts Stand With Us material on Facebook.

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Leans against poles on the subway. Going nuts for coconut. Haroset from around the world. Recipes that are too good to Passover. Coming home to Jew Town in Kochi, India. Local sports legends honoured at gala.

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Gallery gets all dolled up. Eifman Ballet Contest. MCO to perform classical concert with Jewish theme. Combined Jewish Appeal pitches a big tent open to all. Playwright wins prize for new take on Theresienstadt. Focus on Education. Hanukkah Greetings.

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All Spotlights. Jewish law [ Jewish law holds that no hedonistic ethic, even if called "love", can justify the morality of homosexuality any more than it can legitimize adultery or incest , however genuinely such acts may be performed out of love and by mutual consent. Rabbi Norman Lamm the Chancellor, Rosh Yeshiva ["head of the yeshiva "], and former president of Yeshiva University , a major Modern Orthodox Jewish institution advocated [15] that some although not all homosexuals should be viewed as diseased and in need of compassion and treatment, rather than willful rebels who should be ostracized.

He distinguishes between six varieties of homosexuals, including "genuine homosexuals" who have "strong preferential erotic feelings for members of the same sex", "transitory" and "situational" homosexuals who would prefer heterosexual intercourse but are denied it or seek gain in homosexuality, and heterosexuals who are merely curious. When Steven Greenberg , who received Orthodox rabbinic ordination, publicly announced in that he was homosexual, there was a significant response from rabbis of all denominations reported in the Jewish newspapers. Rabbi Moshe Tendler , a leading rabbi at Yeshiva University , stated, "It is very sad that an individual who attended our yeshiva sunk to the depths of what we consider a depraved society.

Orthodox Israeli rabbi Ron Yosef became in the first Israeli orthodox Rabbi to come out, by appearing in Uvda "Fact" , Israel 's leading investigative television program, in an episode regarding conversion therapies in Israel.

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He stated that the younger generation strengthened and supported him, while the older generation had a more difficult experience. Yosef received death threats in the year leading up to the Tel Aviv gay centre shooting. In , he stated he is in a relationship with a man. The goal is not to seek permission.

But you need to give us a shoulder and support. In an open letter distributed to Orthodox community leaders, [21] the Hod organization appealed to the Orthodox community to recognize them as part of the religious society. This was sent to over rabbis in , and eventually was known as the "Document of Principles". In part, the document states:. Up to , Orthodox rabbis from Israel and abroad have signed this statement, among them: In , TorahWeb.

These four are all roshei yeshiva i. In part, the statement reads:. Signatories include more than a hundred rabbis and laypeople. The statement affirms that homosexual sexual activity is prohibited, saying inter alia that "Halakhah sees heterosexual marriage as the ideal model and sole legitimate outlet for human sexual expression"; "Halakhic Judaism views all male and female same-sex sexual interactions as prohibited"; and "halakhic values proscribe individuals and communities from encouraging practices that grant religious legitimacy to gay marriage and couplehood".

The statement emphasizes the community obligation to treat its gay friends, family, and community members with compassion and respect. An edict signed by dozens of Israeli Orthodox rabbis and published in by the Israeli Modern Orthodox rabbinic group Beit Hillel, a group which promotes inclusiveness in Orthodox Judaism, stated, in part, "According to the Torah and halacha, the [same-sex sexual] acts are forbidden, but not the proclivities, and therefore, people with same-sex tendencies, men and women, have no invalidation in halacha or tradition.

They are obligated by the commandments of the Torah, they can fulfill a [ritual] obligation on behalf of the public, and carry out all of the community functions just like any member. On the contrary, those around them — family and community — should show special feeling for them, and apply to them the Torah commandment of 'Love thy neighbor as thyself' and to be diligent in avoiding the prohibition of insulting another.

JONAH was a Jewish ex-gay organization that focuses on "prevention, intervention, and healing of the underlying issues causing same-sex attractions". An Authentic Orthodox View. They are what homosexual Jews who care about Judaism need from us today.

Modern Orthodox leader Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein is reported to have said that the intensity of Orthodox community's condemnation of homosexuality goes beyond what its status as a religious transgression warrants, and that he feels toward homosexual people "criticism, disapproval, but tempered with an element of sympathy". In both the United States and in Israel several groups have sprung up in the last few years that seek to support those who identify as both Orthodox and homosexual; support Orthodox parents of LGBT children; [32] and promote understanding of homosexuality within Orthodox communities and among Orthodox rabbis.

Orthodox rabbis Shmuley Boteach and Zev Farber have questioned the opposition of orthodox groups to government recognition of same-sex civil marriages, arguing that although Judaism does not condone homosexuality, governments should not enforce any particular religion's view of marriage, and that conferring civil benefits to committed homosexual couples should be viewed as promoting family values.

In November , dozens of LGBT activists protested in Jerusalem against comments reportedly made by the city's chief rabbi Rabbi Shlomo Amar, who reportedly told an Israeli newspaper that gay people were an "abomination", and homosexuality a "cult". These words were condemned by Rabbi Aaron Bassous as "false and misguided As a matter of both Jewish law and institutional policy, Conservative "Masorti" Judaism has wrestled with homosexuality issues since the s. Conservative Jewish writer Herschell Matt initially argued that homosexuals may be excused because Judaism does recognise 'constraint' as a valid excuse to disobey the law.

However, Matt later shifted to outright support for homosexuality, viewing it as part of the natural order. Conservative Rabbi Robert Kirshchner states that Jews have historically adapted their laws to new circumstances, indicating accommodation for homosexuality.

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  5. However, these prohibitions grew increasingly controversial within the Conservative movement. In , the CJLS shifted its position and paved the way for significant changes regarding the Conservative movement's policies toward homosexuality. Two others completely retained traditional prohibitions. The liberalizing responsum, adopted as a majority opinion by 13 of 25 votes, was authored by Rabbis Elliot N.

    Dorff , Daniel Nevins, and Avram Reisner. The responsum invoked the Talmudic principle of kavod habriyot , which the authors translated as "human dignity", as authority for this approach.